sexta-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2013

Shrek - The Musical

Fonte: TimeOut São Paulo

The time has come for Disney to bid farewell to its on-stage kiddie monopoly. DreamWorks' Shrek – The Musical, based on the studio's hit animated film of the same name, offers audiences of all ages plenty to gawk at, including special effects, over-the-top costumes and cartoon-inspired sets that rival Mickey Mouse & Co.'s offerings.

For those who missed the movie, which itself was based on William Steig's charming fractured fairy tale, Shrek is about an antisocial ogre who, under duress from evil Lord Farquaad, sets out to rescue Fiona, a princess trapped in a castle. The Brazilian version includes among its cast actors Diego Luri, Giulia Nadruz and Rodrigo Sant’Anna, the latter perhaps best known for his part in Brazilian TV comedy show, Zorra Total, who plays Shrek's friend, the talking donkey. 

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